Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union


  • Strengthened the profile of teachers,
  • Piloted a need-based virtual training program, which based on digital-outdoor learning,
  • 5 virtual trainings delivered per partner and 3 international at EU level,
  • Motivated teh students in online learning, -%80
  • Produce materials that ease teachers’ online learning process,
  • Prepared, adapt and engage students in the new normal, %70 min.
  • Improved the students’ and teacher’ communication, cooperation, critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving skills, %80
  • Raised cultural awareness and develop global skills od our students and teachers that are so necessary for the future, %85
  • Increased the cross-sectoral collabration in the field of SCHOOL education, 3 NGOs and 3 Schools in the consortium,
  • Created an EU wide digital-outdoor learning platform that will generate new projects, 3 EU wide eTwinning projects,
  • Strengthened European collabration of the participating organizations, 2 different collabration min.
  • Increased experienced in management of long-term projects with multiple partners,
  • Well-prepared students and teachers to deal with educational challenges,
  • Qualified activities to preoare and deploythe education and training of professionals for equity, diversity and inclusion challenges in the learning environment,
  • Founded sustainable cooperation between regional authoritiesto promote the development of education, training and youth systems and their integration in actions of localand regional development.